Sunday, January 31, 2010 

De' Siliguri: Last Place I worked

Hi All, Before coming to my new place, I was at Siliguri, nice place to enjoy life. Just to share few things about this place.
Siliguri is the gateways to Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nepal, Dooars, Bhutan and most of the North-East states of India. Siliguri is the main commercial city of North Bengal and its importance comes from its strategic location near international and state borders.

Geographically the location of Siliguri is unique. Siliguri is situated in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas range. It is banked by two rivers VIZ Teesta and Mahananda river. The surrounding areas of the city are beautiful. One side of Siliguri is spread by dense forest, have mahananda wildlife sanctuary and Gorumara National park etc. Other side is hilly areas like Darjeeling, Kalimpong etc.

Siliguri is one the Trade cum Tourism location. Every year 5 lakhs domestic and 15000 foreign visitors come, both for business as well as leisure. You will get all sorts of leisure here like wildlife/Jungle safari, water Rafting, Rock climbing, Trekking, Toy train journey, Shopping Malls, Dance club, Kids Zone etc.

The common languages of Siliguri are English, Hindi, Bengali and Nepali. The city is the better blend of religions; you will find here temples, mosque, church, Gurudwara, Monastery nearby. You will find People here are more polite and helpful. People here find enjoys in all situations/festivals. I remember the day, when India won T20 world cup last year, people came out of the houses to roads to celebrate. They played with colors, lights and music the whole night to show their unity, happiness and patriotism. Nowadays, Siliguri is booming with new entrants like corporate sectors, Shopping Malls, etc.

The best places to visit at Siliguri and nearby locations:
1. Gorumara National Park/Mahananda wildlife Sanctury: Few National Parks to be visited. You will find world’s rarest one horn Rhino here. Jungle Safari and Elephant rides are the most interesting.
2. Sightseeing, zigzag road passing through tea gardens.
3. Adventurous things like water rafting, trekking, Rock climbing, Car Racing etc
4. Riverside parks and Gardens, with boating facility*
5. All religions temples include Isckon temple and Monasteries.
6. Teesta View point and Coronation Bridge. Coronation bridge made in 1930, by british Govt. the view from this pt called ‘Amazon forest view’.
7. World’s only place where you will find railway broad gauge, narrow gauge and meter gauge together at Siliguri Jn.
8. Hong Kong Market: Only place, where you can find foreign goods at 30-40% cheaper than other places.
9. You will find lots of sightseeing things at nearby cities like Toy train, Monastery at Darjeeling, King’s Palace at coochbehar, waterfalls at Kalimpong, Kamakhaya temple at Guwahati, cherapoonji at shilong etc.
10. Except these, you will find Shopping Malls, Dance Club, Bars, Good restaurants, Sports zone, etc.
Siliguri is a place of all damn good things to enjoy, so Must Visit!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 

Come Back

Its been a long time, I'm not in touch with the blog world. Now, I'm planning to come back with my past experiences, new happenings etc.................I'm in a new place, new job, n lots more to share...............
Coming Back....

Sunday, May 28, 2006 

Final Day

22 nd May, This is our last group Snaps at AIM, the final Day snaps before we depart.

Monday, May 22, 2006 

Exam Phobia : Student's Declaration

Today while I was making Special Arrangements for my IF Exam, suddenly I got this message from one of my friends which I want to share with you.

Students Declaration at the end of answer Paper

"I hereby declare that answers written above are true to the best of mine and my friend's knowledge and I claim no responsibility whatsoever for any mistakes. Whatever I have written is truly fictitious and any resemblance with the subject matter is purely coincidental."

Friday, May 19, 2006 


Kaal gujar raha hai
Samay bitta ja raha hai
Sab kuch badal raha hai
Rishte dor mein simte jaa rahe hain
Yaadein parchai si lag rahi hai

Saanjh ho rahi hai
Koi barson ki tadpan khatam ho rahi hai
Hawaon ka rukh badal gaya hai
Dil ki dhadkan tham si gayi hai
Kuch pal aur..........
Phir ye sama dhal jayega
Hum, apne ek yug se dur naye yug mein pravesh karenge
Ab ek anjana sawal ..........
Zindagi kis taraf jaa rahi hai.....??
Jawab sirf Kaal batayega aur samay nibhayega.

Thursday, April 27, 2006 

Farewell '06 [MBA-8 and MCA-5]

Farewell Party: 2-3 days b4 our farewell, we got this invitation from our juniors MBA-9. The invitation of a farewell party was for us (MBA-8) and MCA-5. The theme of the party was protagonist means we had to b some known or great personality. The invitation card :


Till 22nd morning we were planning what should b our wardrobe. What should b our dress up? Since, it was the last function of our student life and MBA as well. We didn’t want to miss. In the afternoon, I with Sanjiv, Rajesh n Neha went to search for the wardrobe. After a long search, finally we got the shop. Then, we surprised to saw lots of our class mates reached there for clothes. After a long discussion, bargaining and collection regarding clothes, we back to our institute with a dress man and makeup man. The dress man and makeup man then tried lots of "Trial and Error method" to make some nice creatures of us. And finally.........

I was Ashoka the great.
I've selected some unique snapz of our farewell. I would like to thank MBA 9 for such a rocking night and the title which they had given to me which was "Jena isi ka naam hai...".

And the Awards for best costumes:
Hanuman (Shiv Bhawani Singh Pathania)
Alexander The Great (Rajesh kumar Rana)
Akbar The Great (Anush Sachdev)
Ahsoka The Great And Cruela (Me & Shweta Awasthi)

Anil Kumar and Shweta Awasthi were crowned Mr and Miss AIM respectively and believe it or not Mr.Anil Kumar danced with Ms AIM to the tunes of a popular telugu number.The star attraction of the evening was the Prabhu deva steps performed by Mr.Rakesh Nair. And the end of party all boys gathered in front of girls hostel and sang many songs started from
"Pyaar hamme kis more pe le aaaya", and lots.

Bhaskar Kadian handed over the 'Golf Stick' to Subhodeep Paul of MBA 9 and Shuchi Monga was named the 'Stud Student of the Institute(SSI)' by Nadeem Mohammed.

The Snapz are:

Vivekanand ji(Anand), Alexander (Rajesh), Devdas(Kailash), Sunny Deol-"Nikla Gaddi Le ke"(Chanan), Zorro-"Garibo Ka Massihah"(Naveen), Ashoka(me) and Lalu ji(Raghab)

Alexander the great(Rajesh Rana)

Mask of Zorro (Naveen), Viswamitra(Mohit), Hanuman(Shiv)

Alexander, Zorro, Ashoka the Great and as a CIA Agent(Vibhor Sir)

Fido-Dido the 7 up Guy(Vinod sir), Vivekanand ji(Anand), Sunny Deol(Chanan), Viswamitra(Mohit), Wolvarine(Bhaskar), Me, Hanuman(Shiv), and Sharrukh Khan(Prabhat Sir)

Vivekanand ji(Anand) and Adolf Hitler(Sanjiv)

Ivana, Japanese Girl(Abha), Hippi(Paridhi), Cruela-"101 Dalmatian"(Shweta) and Shrek(Mohi)

Ashoka the Great(Santosh) and Akbar the Great(Anush) at dressing room

Akbar the Great(Anush) and Marilyn Monroe(Manisha)

Oceans Eleven(Sumit, Anil, Subhodeep, Sujoy, Navneet, Shankho, Abhiroop, Sunil, Ravi and Shibu) and Demi Moore(Shivinder) & Julia Roberts(Madhulika)

Anjali-Kajol (Poonam) and Ashoka(Me)

Ghost from "The Ring"(Deepinder), Heer(Amanbir) and Marilyn Monroe(Manisha)


Charlie's Angels(Deepti, Kanika and Ekta)

Akbar the Great(Anush)

Gabbar(Nidhi), Michelle-Black(Abhilasha) and Marilyn Monroe(Manisha)

Lara Croft(Urvashi)

Bhagat Singh(Theresa) and Pretty Woman(Parul) & Micheal Jordon(Baljinder Sir)

Shrek(Mohi), Zeenat Amman-"Hippi"(Shalini), Mr. India(Rakesh) and Basanti(Rashmi)

Mask Of Zorro(Roshni) and Amitabh-"Risthey mein to Hum Tumhare Baap Lagte Hain Naam SEHANSHA"(Sakshi)

Laloo ji(Raghab) and Harry Porter(Neha)

Mangal Pandey(Amit) and Pretty Woman(Parul)

Fido-Dido 7up(Vinod Sir) and Sunil Shetty -"Border"(Varad)

Zeenat Amman-"Hippi"(Shalini) and Mr. India(Rakesh)

Santa and Banta (Nadeem&Ashish)

Tapori Aamir-"Ghulaam"(Deepak)

Udham Singh -"MTV Show"(Varinder), Zorro(Naveen), Laloo(Raghab), Devdas(Jitendra), Devdas(Kailash), Sunny Deol-"Gaddar"(Chanan), Vivekanand Ji(Anand) and Alexander


Richard Branson-"Aviator"(Nizam), Mira Bai(Priyanka) and Sania Mirza(Deepinder)

Oceans eleven 1(Navneet), Aam Insaan(Joydeep), Alexander(Rajesh)

Parineeta(Shoma Pramanik) and Harry Potter(Neha)

Bobby(Nandita Singh)


Shubhodeep, Harsh and Dawood Ibrahim (Prabhu)

Sunny Deo-"Border" and Bryan Adams[not sure](Sidharth Kharbanda)

And at the end of farewell party all boys (almost) Gathered in front of girls hostel and sang songs as a part of tradition which our seniors passed on. we started with our fav. song "Pyaar Hamme Kis More Pe le aaya". Then we moved to BBC(Basketball Court) and had some bombs blasts.

Few comments from the outgoing students and juniors after Farewell party:
"The party was really great", "Juniors has really worked hard to make this night great", "All the ppls were looking great in new look", "Boys were looking best thn gals", "Best farewell party ever", "All the seniors were looking grt in their wardrobes", "Nice and grt farewell" etc.

Now the bell has rang, its time to leave the Institute. Just a semester Exam away, Phir Hum kahan Tum kahan..........

Friday, April 21, 2006 

April Full

April, this month lots of things happened to me, like....

!st April, I went to my Hometown Nasik. Home is always an enjoying place. I enjoyed there a lot. Mom made lots of dishes and sweets. My bro n sis was busy for their exams so I went to mahalaxmi, mumbai to watch my Dad's horse Show. On the final day, the club there threw a party, which was full of big shots, business tycoons, bollywood n of course lots of plastic ppl.
I back to Nasik the next day. I went to my college to refresh my old memories, thn enjoyed a lots with my frnds. This time I made few new friends. Back to pavilion (Kolkata) on 12th.

*After coming back, I with sanjiv went to Kalyani , my another roommate Joydeep’s home. Since the name is very old sort of, so I used to call kalyani as kalyani Gaon(village). But it is not a gaon, it is a well planned, nice weather n green city. Joydeep show us everything bole to every corner, every building of kalyani. We went to one famous lake of kalyani, which was totally dried, popat.........
One thing I liked very much in kalyani, tht was an old Laxminarayan temple. The architect is superb. Must visit.
While roaming in kalyani, I came to know a very exciting thing tht kalyani was some years ago, a base camp for US Air force. The city was earlier known as Roosevelt Town. Now the Question is how It named as Kalyani. Well, it is a love story. A man(name hidden) who loved a girl named kalyani, but unfortunately, he could not marry her, so he decided to make a town of her name in the memory of their love. (Town is larger than Taj, right.......)
Well, while coming back, we decided that next time we all go there in group n visit all places including that temple.

*Few days ago, I went to ATM with Nidhi n Monami. On the way we decided to have thumsup, when this idea struck in Nidhi's big brain that why not try having it in a kullhar (mud-glasses) and believe it was so good, all foamy and despite it being all chilled, it was so easy to drink……….
Recommendation, do have it, its worth the experience, and u know what, Nidhi could use this idea in her future restaurant……….the Indian feel!!!

*From the last few days, lots of ppl suggest me to chg my blog so I have changed my blog template n still trying to search the good one. Need Help from Rana n Roy.

*Bacardi Blast: Last night Gopal, our classmate n colleague gave us his first salary treat. At around 7 pm he came with Bacardi. We were talli (drunk), the next hour. Then at 10 pm we went for dinner in a new restaurant in hazra i.e. Sher-e-punjab. We had lots of chicken n mutton with pulao, roti, raita, coldrinks n lots.........forget coz we were talli. But the food, i mean drink.....I mean the party was really rocking.

*You know when something hit on ur head, u see numerous stars n plants revolve around ur head, same thing is happening with me. I can see lots of books, notes, handouts, etc. are revolving around my head coz exam tension is hitting my head.

*Tomorrow our juniors are giving us Farewell Party. The theme of the party is Patro….. We were still planning what to wear n how. We are looking forward to it coz it is our last function of our student life, isn't it?

It is till 21st april, next events will b added later...........

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